Below are links to stories by, or about our fellow classmates.  Check them out if you have some time, then submit your own

1a) Climbing to New Heights, about Rob Miller since the last reunion
 The Carry, by Robertson Miller - A thrilling story of life and death struggle on a mountain!
Making Waves, by Dave Adler Ph.D
  2b) A good follow-up to Making Waves, with Prof. Kip Thorne
3)  A Graduation Demonstration Celebration
4) Where We Came From, by Bill Beamish
5) Miracles Happen, by Lisa Beckley
6) Inside Doug's Brain, Dr. Bob Bernatz interviews Dr. Brockmeyer
7) Our Artisan Alumna - Janet Broxon
8) Vartan Talks! , An interview with Vartan Piroumian
9) A Pilot's Day Off, by Renee Holmes and Bill B.
10) Jeff Bitetti Interview, by OC Metro
Grad Day Discord, by Bill Beamish

12) Coming Out, by Jennifer Shoemaker Pugsley
13) The Webmaster's Bio, by Bill Beamish
14) Glory Days, by Bill Beamish
Beaches to Bagpipes, by Bill Beamish and Catherine Wyman
16) Larry the Lifegaurd, about Larry Capune

17) A Tower Tale, by Bill Beamish
18) Vartan's Spectacular 2018 Photos of Europe

Who else has a Tar Tale to tell?   Please send yours in!


1) A History of the Balboa Pavilion
2)  NHHS on Wikipedia
3)  Newport Harbor High School's Website
4)  A Timeline of the NHHS Class of 1978
5) The Four Horsemen of NHHS, The Ensign News
6)  A 1978 race program
7) Some Stars who live(d) in Newport Beach
8) Interesting Wikipedia Info on NHHS
9) Our Original 1978 Graduation Program
10) Voted Best of the Class of 1978
11) NHHS Alumni Association's Website  (Thanks Lori!)
12) Alumni Association's Online Community
13) Website

14) A Bay Kayak Tour with Classmate Mike Hogan

15)  Rock For CHOC Event Photos    
16)  Vincent Mulroy

17) 5th Annual Alumni Football Game program
Photos from our 30-year Reunion
19) Does anyone remember The Boatniks movie, filmed in Newport Harbor in 1969-70?