First, a huge Thank You to our 30-Year Tars & Stars Reunion Sponsors!:

All of our 30-year Class of '78
Tars and Stars Reunion
Billy Dutton $1,000
David Adler $500
Katrin Hecht Bandhauer $500
Bill Beamish $500
Jeff Bitetti - TK Burgers for Sunday Picnic
David Clark $500
Jed Dempsey

Jayne Draganza $500
Leslie Feducia $500
Katherine Kendrick $500
Bruce Louvier $500
Craig Lyons $500
Rob Phillips $500
Jim Robins $500
Kimberly Fox Sorenson $500

Michael Ashen $200

Thank You!!!

FRIDAY, Aug. 1, 2008 –  A Kayak Warmup

Our 30-year Reunion Weekend began with a tour of Newport Harbor, hosted by classmate Mike Hogan, who operated China Cove Kayak Adventures back then.  He took us on a narated tour past many historic harbor homesites and we enjoyed a morning of liesure paddling past marine life to Balboa Island, where we had pastries and coffee.  Mike makes a great Newport tour guide!  CLICK ON MIKE's PHOTO TO SEE OUR KAYAK TOUR VIDEO! 
Evening Cocktails at The Cannery

The upstairs was crowded, but we made room for an impressive number of earlibirds who just couldn't wait for the main event.  Appetizers were served and many classmates came to greet each other for the first time in 30 years!  Craig Lyons even showed up with his boat, "Rampage", offloading a catch of pickled herring onto the cannery docks.  Many of us talked and toasted until they shut the bar down and turned out the lights!
Saturday, Aug. 2 - Morning Setup

Several of our reunion volunteers helped prime the Pavilion for our main event.  Leslie Feducia Louvier and Rich Heryford did the centerpieces.  Katrin Hecht Bandhauer and daughter Lorien did the photo posters. Vic DeMarquette did the balloons and surfboards.  Others helped in various ways to make the grand ballroom more inviting.
Afternoon Pre-Reunion Parties

Several classmates threw private parties Saturday afternoon in order to prime their former high school friends for the main event.  This has become tradition for some classmates... any excuse for another party!  
The Main Event  at the Balboa Pavilion

Guests began arriving at the Grand Ballroom in the historic Pavilion at 6 pm.  The dress was casual and the restaurant served a "tropical buffet" dinner, nothing fancy, but just right for the evening.  The DJ played 70's and 80's dance music, (soft enough so we could converse with old friends without having to yell into their ears).  The crowd began dancing after dinner and the only thing we were lacking that evening was a second bar.  We enjoyed each other's company until they cut us off at 11 pm.
Sunday, Aug. 3 –  A Morning at Mariners

On Sunday a group of former students and teachers gathered at Mariners Elementary School for a mini-reunion of their own.  Classroom photos from 1965 through 1972 were displayed and everyone tried to recognize and identify each other.  This was an enjoyable blast to the past for all!  We would recommend this type of event to all NHHS alumni who attended other Newport/Mesa grade schools in their youth!
Family Picnic at Heller Park, 

The traditional post-reunion Sunday family picnic was held at Heller Park in Costa Mesa.  Alumni families began arriving at 11:30 AM and were greated with a character artist, a bungee jump, and the TK Burger truck.  For dessert we served  icecream.  It was a great finish to a great reunion weekend!  Special Thanks to Jeff Bitetti, Katrin Hecht Bandhauer, Leslie Feducia and the rest of our Reunion Sponsors for underwriting the costs of this event!
Click this link on: to view all of the 30-year reunion photos we have collected!
NHHS Class of '78 40-year Reunion

When: 06/30/2018 at 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Where: Balboal Pavilion's Harborside Restaurant
400 Main Street
Newport Beach, CA
United States

Contact: Jeannine (Mansur) Van Buren

   Happy 2018, NHHS '78 Classmates!  We are gearing up for the most excellent class reunion of decade!  We are currently gathering fun prizes and giveaways for reunion-goers, as well as very awesome silent and live action items that will be posted on the website for you to bid on.  If you have an item or service for the cause, please let us know! All auction proceeds will benefit our alma mater and its new generation of students!
  The main Reunion event will be on Saturday, June 30, 2018, but there will also be a Friday night gathering for early birds at a Newport restaurant. There may also be a casual Sunday social with food and fun for the entire family. The ticket price is still $100, but it will be going up, so go online and buy your tickets ASAP. 
   We are also looking for a few special reunion sponsors to help support event extras, such as the DJ, photographer and maybe the first round of drinks! All of the details can be found on our reunion website!  See you there!
  Yours truly,
The 40 Year Reunion Planning Committee